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Troy D. Renkemeyer

Hi, I'm Troy D. Renkemeyer. Welcome to my profile!

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I'm Troy D. Renkemeyer, a prominent tax attorney in the Kansas City area. You can read more about me in the links below. 


I'm the principal attorney at the Renkemeyer Law Firm in Overland Park, Ks. We handle all sorts of tax realted legal issues. Including but not limited to business formation issues, estate planning issues, real estate investment law, IRS tax law and other business tax issues. I spent 3 years working with Arthur Anderson before spending the next 9 years at a small legal firm. I've been committed to helping other businesses with sound legal and tax strategy ever since, after forming my own tax consulting business.


You may have read about our charitable giving online. We started this program in 2016 to urge the greater tax and legal community to give back. You can also see some of the online interviews I've particpated in online such as this.


If you want to contact Troy D. Renkemeyer, please visit my personal website at You may also visit my Facebook page or my LinkedIn page.


*Troy D. Renkemeyer is the owner and author of this page.*


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